Lecrae Answers Why He’s Still a Christian


The Holy Post Podcast recently launched a new miniseries, Why I’m Still a Christian. “The last five or six years have been rough for many thoughtful, faithful Christians,” says Phil Vischer, author, speaker, and creator of VeggieTales, in the series intro. “Many have walked away in disgust. Some have spoken out and paid the price, and yet rather than walking away have remained committed to Christ and His Church. … We wanted to ask a simple question: ‘Why are you still a Christian?’”

The first episode of the series features none other than Christian Hip-Hop legend Lecrae! In the episode, which was released this week, Vischer talks with the Reach Records artist about his personal story, deconstruction, ministry mindset, and more.

Lecrae shared in the interview that part of his healing journey, as he went through his deconstruction process, was going to a Christian therapist who genuinely tried to understand him. “It was amazing. This was a very intelligent woman who was open to hearing my perspectives and did not cast judgment and walked with me step by step.” 

Another step along the way was returning to the ancient Near East roots of his faith. “It’s almost like a recipe, you know–your mother’s Italian, and she gives you this recipe that was handed down from her great-great-great-grandmother in Italy, and over the years people keep adding things,” Lecrae said this also helps him to understand other Christians’ faith experiences. “I have a bigger birds-eye view; I’m more gracious.” 

Towards the end of the conversation, Lecrae shared what keeps him grounded and connected to God, saying that he looks to the Old Testament examples of Moses and Abraham–who didn’t really have theological traditions at all, or even the Bible–for encouragement. He also shared that he incorporates an hour-long prayer walk into his daily routine, during which he listens to Scripture and/or Scripture commentary for 20 minutes, prays for 20 minutes, and listens to someone else’s perspective on a subject for 20 minutes. 

Finally, Lecrae reflected on his journey so far: “I think it’s made me better. I think it’s made me healthier. And though I’m scarred for as long as I walk this earth, I think those scars have made me whole, internally and spiritually.”


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