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Billboard Charting Singer Jeannie Ortega Partners with Rapzilla for Distribution

  By  Justin Sarachik Rapzilla is excited to announce their next artist, Jeannie Ortega! She will be releasing her album  Letting Go  with Rapzilla through Syntax Creative. The first single, “I Promise,” featuring Datin, drops on April 26th. “In a time when so many people are giving up on family, I wrote ‘I Promise’ to remake a vow that I will do the hard work that’s necessary to keep healthy relationships with my spouse and with my children,” Ortega said of the song. “It’s reaffirming my promise to family and to commitment, to work on myself to be better for my loved ones.” Datin shared that Jeannie sent him this track before he even knew he was going to be a father to a son. It became prophetic for him. “In the song, I talked about my perspective of me becoming a father,” said Datin. “Right after I sent the song back, I found out my wife is pregnant, and it’s a boy!” Jeannie’s upcoming album is encompassed of everything she is. It’s hip-hop, pop, Latin, and worship. She goes back to

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